Remember to follow current safety guidance in regards to coronavirus and social distancing, stay safe and have fun. Also, don’t forget to nominate your friends, colleagues and locked-down family members to take on their own challenges!

Festive Fundraising

Our Christmas campaign is back with sleigh bells on, and we’re encouraging stations, community groups, companies and individuals across the country to fundraise for The Fire Fighters Charity this festive season. Visit our Christmas fundraising page. 

Get Active

Lockdown Olympics

The actual Olympics has been postponed so why not set up your own medal-winning Lockdown Olympic Games. Come up with your own events that you can do in the safety of your home or garden; backyard long jump, round the sofa relay, pretend horse trials, pool noodle javelin, paper plate discus, swingball tennis, bread basket-ball, beach ball volleyball… the list is endless.

Daily distance

Use your once a day exercise allowance to set yourself a regular distance target. Walk, run or cycle and track your progress on the Strava app, which you can now also link to your JustGiving page.

2.6 Challenge

There is a nationwide event called the 2.6 Challenge being run by the organisers of the London Marathon and other major events that have been cancelled this year, in aid of UK charities. Just like our challenge, 2.6 encourages people to get active, so you could take part in to raise money for our Charity too. Whether you’re running around the balcony for 2.6 miles, doing 26 press ups with the dog on your back or bench pressing 26 kilos with your grandchildren.

Be Creative

One I made earlier

Get out the craft supplies and film a tutorial of yourself making something fantastic. Share your video online and encourage your friends and family to make a donation, as well as their own versions of your masterpiece. You’d be surprised what you can make from an old toilet roll tube!

Ready, steady, cook

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen and make something with whatever you have in the cupboards, the weirder the better. Share your progress and recipes online for others to marvel at and try for themselves. Ask them to donate the money you saved by not ordering another takeaway.

Make a difference with music

Dust off the instruments you’ve been meaning to learn how to play for years and film yourself covering a popular song each week, along with your donation link. If you’re really talented and brave enough, you could even do it live on Facebook or Twitter and take request from friends or family, in exchange for the promise of a donation to your page.

Work Together

Virtual quiz night

Host your own quiz night for family friends and colleagues and ask them to donate to take part. You can host it on a private Zoom or Skype call and invite people, or you could broadcast it on Facebook Live or Twitter. You might want to also offer a prize, but we all know the real prize is boasting rights.

Digital dance off

Start a digital dance off with friends or family. Get your participants to post a video of their best moves and then ask people make a donation, along with a message voting for who they think has the moves like Jagger!

Brew for the crew

We can’t get together in person for a cuppa, but you could organise something digitally. Use Skype, Zoom, Facebook or Google Hangout to get together with friends, family or your crew to share a cup of tea and a biscuit, in return for a donation.

Stay Healthy

Favourite food fasting

Challenge yourself to cut out one of those unhealthy foods you know you eat a bit too much of. It might be sweets, chocolate, cheese or crisps. Try to do without it for few weeks or a month and ask others to donate in support of your healthy eating challenge.

Kick an unhealthy habit

Cut out a habit you would be healthier without and ask people to donate to your success. It might be smoking, drinking or caffeine that you want to kick, so why not ask friends and family to donate to your fundraising page to encourage you to stop for weeks, months or even more.

Practice mindfulness

Stress effects us all and regularly practising mindfulness can really improve your mental health. You could commit to meditating or following along with our guided relaxation videos regularly and share updates on your progress. Post these online and on your fundraising page and ask people to donate so the Charity can do more to support the mental health of our fire family.

Use Technology

Gaming for good

If you’re an avid gamer you could set-up an online tournament with friends, with everyone donating to join and a prize for the winner. If you have the ability to live stream, the Charity is set-up on Tiltify which allows you to take donations while streaming.

Alphabet snaps challenge

Take a photo or video of something in your house or garden (including yourself) beginning with a different letter of the alphabet for the next 26 days. Include a link to your donation page with each photo you post, the funnier the better.

Home Alone 6 (yes there are 5 of them already)

Direct your own short version of a classic movie or come up with your own script. Share it online with your friends and ask everyone you made smile to give a small donation to your fundraising page.

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