Create your fundraising page | Create your stream | Promote your stream | Useful links | Other fundraising platforms | Firefighting games

1. Create your fundraising page

Create a fundraising page on JustGiving as part of our Fire Family Fundraiser which you will be able to link to your stream.

Create your Fire Family Fundraiser JustGiving page

2. Create your stream

Host your stream using YouTube and/or Twitch which are both compatible with JustGiving. To help you get started check out JustGiving’s streaming toolkit.

JustGiving streaming toolkit

3. Promote your stream

Once you’ve set a time for your fundraising stream it’s time to start promoting it! Embed the stream on your fundraising page and then share the page on social media. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the stream and encourage them to watch. You can find more promotion tips in our fundraising guide.

Tips for promoting your fundraiser

4. Collect donations

Set yourself a fundraising goal for your stream and share that with the audience. Make sure you ask for donation at regular points throughout the stream and remind people what the target is.

Take time to check you JustGiving page and thank people who have donated during the stream.

Decide on some milestone donation amounts that you can call out during the stream. You could also link activities to those milestone, like putting on a costume when you reach 50% of your target.

Livestream example

YouTuber AndyMorphs hosted a livestream playing EMBR and getting slimed in support of our Charity.

To help you explain why it’s so important for people donate in support our of firefighting community we’ve included links to some useful videos and information below.

Useful Links

Learn more about what we do so you can talk about the Charity during your stream.

About The Fire Fighters Charity

Share this short video during your stream to introduce people to the Charity.

Fundraising Stream Intro Video

Choose some videos of people sharing the story of how they were helped from our YouTube ‘Who We Help’ playlist.

Video Stories

Other fundraising platforms

You can also fundraise for us using Tiltify as an alternative to JustGiving. You can also host your livestream and fundraising page on Facebook. You can find links to both these platforms below.

Streamlabs Charity


Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook Gaming Stream Set-up


Firefighting Themed PC Games

If you want to play a firefighting themed game we’ve listed a few below.

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad on Steam

Flashpoint Fire Rescue

Embr: Uber Firefighters

Real Heroes: Firefighter HD

Emergency 20

911 Operator / 112 Operator