Through the Enhance, Enable and Empower Portfolio and its associated projects we will develop our culture, enhance our processes, technology and facilities and further enable and empower our people to drive us forward.

By 2025 we will…

  • be an inclusive, connected and engaged organisation where positive values and behaviours are demonstrated
  • have the people, skills and processes to successfully delivery our strategy
  • have developed our facilities to support our strategic aspirations
  • have the systems and tools we need to enable collaboration, insight and data-driven decision making.

To achieve this, we will

  • develop our culture, values and behaviours to nurture an engaged workforce and great experience for our people
  • attract people with the right skills into the organisation and invest in the quality and quantity of the collective skills and knowledge of all our people
  • provide facilities that enhance the delivery of our services and maximises the use of space and resources
  • redesign our business processes to remove waste activity, maximise effectiveness and efficiency, and add value to the organisation
  • develop a secure, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure which supports digital change
  • deploy systems and tools, which enable systematic data capture, flow, analysis and dissemination, enabling the development of insight and data-driven decision making.

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