Through the Inform and Prevent Portfolio and its associated projects we will inform you, our beneficiaries, of relevant health matters, equipping you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to maintain and improve your mental, physical and social health and wellbeing.

By providing you with timely and relevant information we will help prevent common health risks and conditions from impacting your life.

By 2025 we will…

  • be measuring how you have engaged with the information and resources we have provided and be able to evidence how this has empowered you to make positive changes to your health behaviours
  • be working regularly with fire and rescue services as a provider to support and deliver positive health and wellbeing messages and activities to engaged personnel
  • be a research-led organisation with our service delivery influenced and evidenced by research findings.

To achieve this, we will:

  • pro-actively campaign to raise awareness of key health matters across the fire services community, empowering individuals to make positive lifestyle choices.
  • develop a dynamic multimedia library of health and wellbeing information, accessible to all and used as a point of reference by fire and rescue services, groups and individuals across the community.
  • gain fresh insight into the health and wellbeing challenges facing the fire services community, through undertaking and utilising sector-leading research to evidence and inform the development of our content and the services we provide.
  • bring fire service experts, decision makers and influencers together through a programme of health and wellbeing conferences, showcasing our capability, insight and experience.
  • work with fire and rescue services to support the development and assist in the delivery of employee knowledge and understanding of important health and wellbeing issues.

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