Based at Jubilee House, our ‘outstanding‘ Nursing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Comprising of registered nurses and clinical assistants working on a shift basis, the team works closely with our physiotherapists, psychological therapists and Welfare caseworkers to ensure you get the most from your time with us.

Whether you have had a stroke, suffered a life-changing event, have a long-term condition, or need support with post-surgery recovery, the dedicated nursing team can ensure that all your care needs, no matter how minimal, are met with privacy, dignity and respect. Whatever your circumstances, having the support of our nursing team means you can gain the most out of your recovery.

Maybe you need help with showering, washing or dressing. You may require your medication to be prompted and/or administered. Perhaps your mobility is reduced and you’d like supervision when walking or company while using your wheelchair. We can help you access our specialist equipment and facilities, such as our anti-gravity treadmill or hydrotherapy pool.

For those who need support at mealtimes, we are always on hand to provide assistance in collecting meal trays, cutting up food or assisting with eating. Importantly, we play an active role in ensuring you remain hydrated during your time and provide endless fresh water, hot drinks, and a listening ear for a natter over a brew.

We can also support with some more complex needs, such as assisting with a complex medication or toileting regime, or help with parental nutrition. As our care is available 24 hours a day, we can also help with any needs you may have overnight. Whether that is support accessing the bathroom, managing any continence needs, changing position or medication, our philosophy of kindness and compassion underpins everything we do for you.

It may be that your support needs are not just physical, but your emotional health means you struggle to undertake everyday tasks. Or maybe you find nighttime difficult and would just like some company. We can support you with this challenge as well.

We know peer support can be a powerful aid to recovery or rehabilitation, so we’ll support you as you meet and socialise with other beneficiaries that may help you ways you hadn’t expected.

Our nurses have a wealth of knowledge around various medical conditions, so it may be that non-nursing beneficiaries spending time with us are referred to us by other clinicians. We can provide further information about your condition to try and improve your quality of life, which may be done face-to-face or offered digitally.

What to expect from your stay

You will be met by a member of the nursing team on arrival and we will help with getting you (and your partner) settled in, provided with refreshments.

We will build on our pre-nursing assessment and gain a comprehensive picture of your support needs to ensure you get the most from your time with us. We will devise bespoke care plans that are tailored to you and undertake appropriate risk assessments. We will also discuss how you can speak to psychological therapists and/or Welfare caseworkers if you’d like to.

You will have a detailed assessment with one of our physio team, where you’ll discuss your desired outcomes for your time with us, and we will all work together with you to devise a personalised programme for the duration of your stay.

Our team will provide continued support to you throughout your stay to ensure it is as beneficial as possible to you.