How we will use your image

By permitting The Fire Fighters Charity to use your image we may include it on publicity materials such as our magazines and newsletters, as well as potentially on posters, banners, leaflets and other forms of printed material, including in advertisements that may appear in third party publications. We may also use your image on our website and social media channels, as well as in digital advertising and promotions that may appear on third party websites or social media channels. Videos in which you feature may also be broadcast publicly or shown in public forums such as exhibitions.

Copyright of your images

The Fire Fighters Charity retains copyright for all images that we produce of you. When we commission photographers or videographers to take your image on our behalf, those individuals will retain the first rights to your image as the ‘creator’ of it. However, in these circumstances the images are licensed to The Fire Fighters Charity, for our use. For further information on copyright please see:

Your privacy

Your privacy, data and information is hugely important to us and this form allows us to ensure that we have your permission to publicly share the information you have chosen to give us. For the purposes of this form we determine ‘information’ to mean your image i.e. any photographs or video we may have taken with/of you. To view our privacy policy in full go to or call us to request a copy 01256 366566

Your personal details

This information will be used to update or create a secure contact record for you on The Fire Fighters Charity’s database.

Image Permission Form - STANDARD

Max. file size: 64 MB.
Please take a photograph of yourself (selfie) on the device you are using, so that we can ensure that we marry up your images with this Image Consent Form. Your image will be stored alongside this form on our database and will be used ONLY for purposes of identifying you within the photos taken. Your image will not be shared with anyone, published or used anywhere.

Your permission

I give permission for the use of my image in any audio-visual, photographic or promotional material produced by and used to positively promote The Fire Fighters Charity. I understand that these recordings/images may be reproduced by a third party so consequently give my agreement for this as well. I understand that it may not always be possible for me to be informed where, when and how this material will be used. I have given my permission freely, not as a result of duress, or undue influence from relatives, Charity staff or other individuals. I understand that my permission may be withdrawn at any time by informing the Charity’s Head Office in writing, or by emailing, and understand that printed materials cannot be withdrawn immediately, but will not be reprinted. Furthermore, I understand that even after my permission has been withdrawn, the Charity may not always be able to remove my image from digital circulation e.g. when it may have been used in email newsletters. We respectfully request your permission. By submitting this form you agree to be included in photography and audio-visual for publicity purposes by/for The Fire Fighters Charity. This form is valid continuously from the date of signing.
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