We understand that the journey to financial hardship is often a slow one, with money worries gradually increasing until they can feel overwhelming, with no end in sight. It might feel like you’re in an impossible situation, but we’re here to help you navigate your way out of it.

Whatever the severity of your situation, we can find a way to help you cope.

It may be that you’d appreciate a referral to a local food bank or vouchers for a supermarket so putting food on the table for your family is one less thing to worry about, while you restore the balance with your finances. Or your boiler has just blown and you’re worried about staying warm through the winter.

Maybe a life-changing event has had a significant impact on your income and you don’t know how to cope. Possibly you’ve gotten into debt and can’t see a way out. Or maybe your living conditions have changed and you’re having to adapt to a new budget. Perhaps you’re facing homelessness if you can’t get on top of your repayments. Or maybe you’re facing bankruptcy in your business and are worried about its impact on your fire career.

Whatever it is, we can sit down with you and just talk it all out. We’ll help you to put processes in place to make sense of what can feel like an overwhelmingly complex situation. We might also be able to signpost you towards statutory entitlements you didn’t know you could access, offer budgeting advice or refer you to specialist organisations who can help you in more detail.

Alistair’s story

The journey to homelessness was not a sudden one for Scottish firefighter Alistair McNab. It crept up on him slowly, unexpectedly, following years spent battling depression and the painful worsening of arthritis in his neck and hips. He visited our centre for support with his mental and physical health, but didn’t tell anyone he was living in his mum’s shed. Our Welfare Caseworkers got involved and helped his application for housing, as well as giving him vouchers to furnish it, finally giving him a place to call home.

Read his story here.