As part of our focus on wellness, we’re continuing to deliver Wellness Coaching Workshops to Fire and Rescue Services across the country.

And, many recipients have shared their feedback about how they’ve helped them boost their own wellbeing – both at work and at home.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Just having the opportunity to share knowledge and know that you are not on your own with this subject is so beneficial. Please keep the wellness topics coming.”


“I’ve had back pain for 27 years and this workshop was explained in a way that it never was to me.”


“Course was brilliant, but what a quick hour, very informative and loads of information presented with great feedback for those attending. Wish there was more of these courses, just nice to hear that you’re not alone and going crazy.”


“It was a really good informative workshop – was so interesting to hear of other colleague’s experiences, at times you think you are the only one going through it, especially if you don’t have any female family members to confide in.”


“The workshop was a great way of bringing everyone together to share their experiences and feel a bit less alone with what they are going through. Thank you.”


“I have been diabetic for over 30 years and have other issues, I know what I should be doing, and what I think I am doing but realising how much you have forgotten is shocking.”

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