We temporarily moved our Living Well Groups online amid the pandemic, as national lockdowns meant we couldn’t host them face-to-face anymore. And as they proved so popular, we have continued to offer them alongside our face-to-face meet-ups ever since.

For some, joining a meeting over Zoom may be preferable, perhaps if they live further away from scheduled face-to-face meetings, or if they prefer to chat in the comfort of their own home. And the virtual meetings also have the added benefit of allowing you to connect with people from right across the UK.

Weekly online meetings include a cup of tea and a chat over Zoom, with times varying week by week. They can lead to a number of opportunities, including Tai Chi classes, digital workshops and model-making workshops.

To find the calendar of upcoming meetings, click on the link below. You’ll then be able to click on each appointment to find further details and how to join:

Upcoming Living Well Groups

Need more convincing about how good our virtual Living Well Groups are? Here’s some of the existing members from different groups.

Pete: I’m not always comfortable talking on camera, but being able to hold Living Well Groups over video is much better than nothing. I think it’s essential to help people keep in touch. I’d encourage people to put technology worries aside and ask for help, because this shouldn’t just be limited to people who are comfortable with modern tech. People need to be shown just how much technology can do for them and it’s really not the monster you might think it is.

Chris: The Living Well Groups allow me to reconnect with the parts of the fire service I always loved, especially after I’d lost touch with people in retirement. The first one I came along to I was a little nervous, but within minutes everyone made me feel like I still have family in the fire service, and here they are: at The Fire Fighters Charity’s Living Well Group.

Malcolm: When lockdown started, I’d only spoken to a couple of people apart from my wife and family. So it was good to have the Living Well Groups, because it gave the opportunity to talk to other people and catch up.

Lesley: It’s about your own mental wellbeing, being able to interact with people. When you’re self-isolating, social interaction is almost non-existent. And just endlessly discussing what we’re having for dinner does get boring! But the Living Well Groups give you a chance to talk to other people, and we really appreciate that opportunity.

Dave: Being a Living Well Group coordinator is like a breath of fresh air, supporting ex fire personnel to remember the good times and enjoy some banter together. And it’s completely free. There are so many people out there who could benefit from coming along.