Whether it’s the long-term effects of wear and tear on your body or a life-changing health diagnosis, we’re here to help you navigate whatever is affecting your physical health in retirement. Once you’ve got in touch with our Support Line, our three Assessment Practitioners will talk through anything that is affecting your health and wellbeing.

We will offer you a video consultation using Attend Anywhere with one of our physio team who will complete an initial assessment to establish what’s going on. We can then prescribe you a personalised set of activities specifically tailored to meet your individual need, and maintain an ongoing conversation with you from the comfort of your own home.

If you still feel you would benefit from time with us in person, we may also invite you for a residential stay at one of our centres. Or we may recommend articles from our vast health and wellbeing library, signpost you to a wellbeing app that could help you or refer you to specialist local groups that could help you.

And if you’re not comfortable with technology, fear not. We can have the same conversations with you over the phone and give you a print-out of your exercises for you to use instead of our app.

For more specialist, life-limiting physical health conditions, we may invite you to spend time with our dedicated nursing team in Jubilee House, our centre in Cumbria. If you’re being cared for by a loved one, we will also do everything we can to support them as well, even if this is just some much-needed respite time knowing you’re safe in our care.

So if something is affecting your physical health in retirement, don’t wait to get in contact wit us. Call our Support Line on 0800 389 8820 or make an enquiry online.

Linda’s story

Linda Alcock thought she would never be able to walk again after neurosurgery left her unable to lift her chin off her chest without intense pain. As the wife of a retired Staffordshire firefighter, she was eligible for our help. She said all she wanted was to be able to see planes in the sky. Now, thanks to the care and support she received at Jubilee House, she is able to see the stars. Read her story here.