Lindy Leeson has been suffering with depression for the past 7 years but after a visit to our Jubilee House centre, has finally found the coping mechanisms she needs to manage her illness.

After a trauma seven years ago, Lindy Leeson has been living with depression but it was only after her partner, who was a retained firefighter with North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, told her we had on-site psychological therapists that she decided to seek help.

Lindy first came to Jubilee House in June this year but returned in August for another week after one of our psychological therapists thought she would benefit from a return visit.

“I had some work to finish with a psychological therapist, so they thought it would be beneficial for me to come back for another week to finalise and close the story.

“I was feeling really depressed, I suffered really bad with anxiety, low self-esteem and wasn’t  in a great place in June but having been here for a week, completely changed my whole outlook on my situation.”

Before her visit, Lindy was feeling quite hesitant but after some reassurance from her partner, she knew it would help her to move forward with her life.

“I was nervous, a little bit anxious but also looking forward to it because Steve, my other half, benefited so much from it [after his treatment for injuries] so I knew it was the right thing to do.

“I was hoping to put a few demons to bed. I take anti-depressants so the long term aim was to learn coping mechanisms to help me come off them.”

As well as working with our psychological therapy team, Lindy also spent time with our exercise therapists who tailor-made an exercise programme for her specific needs, as part of the residential rehabilitation programme.

“I want to try and get back into training when I go back home so they have put together a programme specifically for me and when I go home will be able to start training again.

Lindy is in no doubt as to the difference her time at Jubilee House has made;

“I feel like there has been a weight lifted off my shoulder,” she says. “I do feel fitter, it has completely changed me. It’s the best thing I have ever done and had I have known before about the Charity I would have come here sooner. We are really lucky to have it, great place, great people and it changes lives.”