Climbing Killimanjaro was never on my goal list – I’d seen other people do it but it never appealed to me. However, in June 2015 my beautiful partner was killed following an accident with a lorry, the driver of which was later convicted for using his mobile phone at the wheel.

Darren Bryan was tragically killed in June 2015

Darren Bryan was a firefighter at Mansfield fire station for 25 years and a firefighter at Retford Fire station for just six months before he was killed. His death was devastating for all of us

All of our goals and dreams were gone . All I could see was an empty white space stretching out in front of me . I needed something to aim for, something that had not been on our extensive list of goals and adventures, something massive, something that would challenge me, something that would create a new perspective. so Killy it is! In February 2018 my daughter Mady and I are climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world to raise money for those who have supported us and Darren’s family over the last two years. All of the monies raised will go directly to The Fire Fighters Charity and Brake charity. There are links to both Just Giving pages on our Facebook page.

On the way up Snowdon

We are training throughout 2017 and will keep everyone updated on our progress via our public Facebook page ‘Mady & Toni’s Kilimanjaro Page‘ and via blog updates here on The Fire Fighters Charity’s website. So far this year, as well as being regulars at the gym, we have climbed Snowdon twice (and not the easy routes) and completed 25 miles of the Sandstone Trail. I am climbing Ben Nevis at the end of July and we are looking for more challenges along the way. Each climb or walk is making us mentally and physically fitter and prepares us for the challenge of Kilimanjaro.

Toni and Mady are taking on Kilimanjaro together

I am also working in conjunction with Notts Fire and Community Safety team to raise awareness of the dangers and possible devastating consequences of using mobile phones and being distracted by technology whilst driving, through talks and presentations to groups of people.

The last two years have been devastating and painful for Darren’s friends and family. Mady and I want to do something really positive and uplifting , something that would make Darren proud .

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