The world famous Virgin Money London Marathon is set to take place on Sunday and will once again see 50,000 runners making their way through the iconic streets of the Capital.

Amidst that staggering number will be a small army of inspirational runners who have either secured a place as part of The Fire Fighters Charity’s London Marathon team, or who will be running independently for us.

The 17 who secured one of our official places have together pledged to raise an astonishing £34,000 to support injured firefighters across the UK. Countless others, meanwhile, will be running independently for the Charity and raising thousands of their own along the way.

In the lead up to the big event we will be introducing you to members of our official team as they prepare for their turn on London’s gruelling 26.2 mile course. However, if you’re one of the many who didn’t secure a place with us, but who is running on our behalf regardless, please Tweet us @firefighters999 to introduce yourself too.

Here are four of our runners, Kyle, Tyla, Abbey and Shaun.

Kyle Jamieson, Oxfordshire

“I want to take on the hardest challenge possible and complete the London Marathon in full PPE and BA kit and push the boundaries even further. I am running for The Fire Fighters Charity to support the fantastic work they do to help and protect firefighters in need.”

You can help Kyle to push his boundaries by donating to his JustGiving page here

Tyla Sparkhall, Essex

“I will be running the London Marathon in memory of my sister, Nikkola Sparkhall, and brother, Danny-Ross Sparkhall, who sadly passed away from smoke inhalation after a house fire. It’s now my turn to give something back to the courageous firefighters that risked their lives and fought so hard to try and save my sister and brother.”

You can donate to support Tyla’s brave run by donating to her JustGiving page here

Abbey Bryan, London

“On January 1st 2012 just after 12am, and the countdown for the New Year, a stray firework caught my family home alight. My sister and baby nephew were on the third floor and completely trapped with the fire coming up the outside as well as the only stairwell. I’m endlessly indebted to the brave firefighters who saved both of them and run into what people often run from.”

You can help Abbey to thank the firefighters who rescued her family by donating to her JustGiving page here

Shaun Scott, London

“As a show of my respect for the burdens that firefighters and their families bear, I am running the Marathon carrying my bicycle. The up-ended bicycle symbolises ‘waste of potential’ that wants to be put right, just as an injured or traumatised firefighter deserves support when in times of need.”

You can help carry Scott’s burden for him by donating to his JustGiving page here


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