To mark our 75th anniversary, we’re challenging you to take on your own 75 mile challenge to help support members of the fire services community in need. The distance is set, but how you get there is completely up to you. This is a weekly series of posts, about your 75Miles, our 75Miler of the week.

Andrew Reeves, 23, a firefighter for Much Wenlock Fire Station, Shropshire, is taking part in the #My75Miles challenge to show his support and appreciation for his fire service colleagues around the country.

Andrew’s 75 Miles Page

“I’m running my 75 miles as I’ve recently migrated from Olympic style weight lifting to trail running, which means training is very different for me now. I have some serious aerobic training to do and found no better way to do that than to run 75 miles over the Shropshire hills.

“I’ve covered around 5 miles so far and will be running some 5k and 10k routes later on in the year as well as including my own day-to-day training. I’m enjoying running on trails very much as every run becomes a challenge to conquer a hill or in most cases… get ankle deep in loose mud! This is one of the greatest joys of trail running for me.

A particularly boggy trail that Andrew encountered.

“I think the #My75Miles challenge will be an excellent addition to my training and I plan on using it to improve my aerobic fitness over the year.

“As a serving firefighter for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service I see every day the hard work and dedication that goes into making our communities safer both in Shropshire and across the country. I’d like to show my appreciation and support for my own colleagues and fire service members such as those who attended the Grenfell Tower fire who, no doubt, will be in need of the services that The Fire Fighters Charity can provide.

Andrew enjoying his surroundings whilst out running.

“My family and I are also beneficiaries of the Charity and this is a great way for me to contribute to a cause that does fantastic work for firefighters around the country.”

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