Two years ago Andrew could not read or write and struggled with social skills and communication with people he didn’t know. This is when Andrew moved schools and began his journey around the UK and Ireland, set to fulfil his mission of visiting every single one of the 2,330+ fire stations in the UK, Ireland and the Crown Dependencies.

With the support from his new school, encouragement from individuals he has met across the Fire and Rescue community Andrew has now learnt to read and write – Our very own SHOUT! magazine has been one of Andrews key reads!

Andrews 1000th visit

Andrew’s 1000th visit

The Fire Fighters Charity was extremely pleased to welcome Andrew and his mum to our Head Office, in Basingstoke, on 3rd December to mark his 1000th visit!!!

Through Andrews determination and passion towards the fire service, and a huge amount of support from his family, Andrew has so far raised an incredible £1,731.85 for the Charity. Andrews target is £1,943, the year the charity was founded, but we have a good feeling that he will go on and surpass this total!

Not only has Andrew raised awareness for the Fire and Rescue community, telling people that they ‘do so much more than just fighting fires’ but he has also raised valuable awareness about autism.

To read more about Andrew’s mission #oneladschallenge and to show your support, please visit his social media and just giving page.

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Thank you Andrew for being an extremely passionate young man and helping the Charity to raise the money it needs every year to support our Fire and Rescue community.