Our clinical teams, community case workers, phone teams, specialists and volunteers have all been working tirelessly throughout 2017 to provide the high standard of care that we pride ourselves on. However, as well as the day to day work of our services teams, they’ve also run a number of specialist weeks and pilot programmes to explore new ways in which we can support our beneficiaries.

Spinal Injuries Week

Spinal Cord Injury Week was a great success

In November, Jubilee House hosted our first Spinal Cord Injury Week, a targeted week for beneficiaries who have a spinal cord injury either through trauma, accident or disease. With the aid of spinal cord injury professionals, the main focus of the week was peer support, as well as the sharing of knowledge and skills between both our staff and clients. The aim of the week was to ensure that those taking part would be able to get the most out of their exercise-based programmes and better self-manage their conditions.

You can find out more about the Spinal Cord Injury Week here.

Mindfulness Week

Mindfulness and mindfulness based interventions have become a recognized and accepted form of psychological intervention and in March this year Harcombe House piloted a specific mindfulness week. Attendees on the programme participated in a range of group activities which included mindfulness sessions, information on mindfulness skills and ideas on how to use mindfulness in everyday life. In addition, there were sessions in the gym, hydrotherapy and leisure pools as well as walks and access to a range of other educational workshops covering areas such as nutrition, sleep, pain and coping with change.

Outreach pilot programmes

Seniors Community Health and Wellbeing Pilot Programme

This autumn we launched two new community-based health and wellbeing programmes; one for retired beneficiaries – in Bristol and Cornwall – and one for serving firefighters in Glasgow. The programmes offered information and advice to each of the groups in regards to improving or maintaining their lifestyles. Both pilot programmes were supported with the introduction of a new online community and we were delighted with the positive response and feedback we received from those who attended.

New Strategic Plan launched

This year also saw the launch of our new Strategic Plan for 2017-20, a plan that outlined our commitment to boosting our mental health support services, as well as exploring new ways to expand our reach across the UK and develop our existing services.

More of your inspirational stories

As ever, it was a pleasure, an honour and a privilege to meet so many of you over the course of the year. Thank you for sharing your stories with us too. Being able to showcase the personal accounts of those we support and relay your experiences to others makes a huge difference. You can find all the case studies we’ve featured this year here.

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