Last month’s devastating fire at Grenfell Tower heightened awareness of the mental health impact of traumatic situations on firefighters.

While incidents like these are thankfully rare,  firefighters, support and control staff deal with life and death situations on a regular basis. These can of course be just as traumatic as major incidents, which is why we have a range of support services in place to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, as well as those affected by traumatic incidents of any scale, whether recent or some time in the past. These services include:

  • Psychological support: We have a dedicated team of Psychological Therapists who can support you as part of an intensive psychological rehabilitation programme
  • Recuperation breaks: Time away to help you come to terms with things*
  • Advice, information and support: Easily accessible advice and information, as well as support within your local community.

If you or someone you know is feeling stressed or anxious, call 0800 389 8820 to find out how we can support you.

*criteria apply

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