Courtney Taylor, who works in the catering department at The Fire Service College in Gloucestershire this month completed a 10,000 ft skydive at Redlands Airfield, Swindon alongside her dad Andy, to raise funds for The Fire Fighters Charity.

18 year old Courtney has wanted to do the dive since she was just nine after a fire left her and her family homeless back in 2008 and credits firefighters for her quick thinking. It was only after the training she received for her fire training badge at Brownies that a young Courtney knew what to do.

Her mum, Daphne Taylor said: “She saved her family from this horrific fire and because of her bravery got a Woman’s Own Children of Courage Award from Prince Harry.”

She continued; “Courtney was 9 years old at the time and always wanted to say thank you to these amazing firefighters because without them she would not have known what to do. She always wanted to do a skydive but wasn’t old enough. Now she is and has kept to her word.”

Courtney has already raised £1050. You can help her raise more and donate via her JustGiving page.

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