The first beneficiaries of a new era will arrive at our Harcombe House Recovery Centre in Devon next month. Like those who will follow them, each of them will be embarking on a personalised programme of recovery as they look to move forward from psychological trauma or longer term conditions that have impacted their mental health and wellbeing.

Coming nine months after it was announced that a successful bid for investment funds would see the centre re-purposed to provide specialist mental health and recovery support, January’s cohort of beneficiaries will be the first to experience a residential stay that is truly unique to them.

Offering a relaxed and supportive environment in which each person, couple or family can work with our expert teams, the activities on offer at Harcombe will all aim to inspire and support recovery in whatever form that may take.

“Recovery is the philosophy that will underpin all elements of the support we offer our beneficiaries,” explains Director of Beneficiary Services Sharon Bailey. “But it will be different for everyone, so the term recovery will mean whatever it has to mean for every individual we support.”

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For example, one beneficiary staying with us at Harcombe House may be helped to recover their strength from a physical injury as well as recovering from the psychological impact that injury may have had. For others, perhaps with longer-term conditions, physical recovery may not be possible, but we would aim to help recover a quality of life that provides improved health and wellbeing.

“We can tailor vital recovery support for each person in a way we have never been able to before,” says Sharon. “And our dedicated facility at Harcombe will continue to grow and evolve over the coming months.”

Beneficiaries attending Harcombe House and its 300 acres of surrounding land from January can expect a broad range of indoor and outdoor activities, delivered in group sessions and on a one-to-one basis. Whether experiencing symptoms of trauma, struggling to adjust to a life-changing condition or feeling isolated following retirement or the loss of a loved one, all activities undertaken at Harcombe and the goals set with its experts will promote a positive future recovery.

“This integrated way of working will ensure your needs are heard, putting you at the forefront of our person-centred approach to recovery,” says Sharon. “Your recovery will be as unique as you are. Our teams of skilled health professionals will work alongside you to find a solution that will be able to include all elements of recovery, maximise your own potential, and be exclusively for, and about, you”

In line with the changes at Harcombe House, the Charity’s overall approach to the provision of its services will now focus on the needs of each individual and the best way to meet them. From the moment the first phone call is received, we will work with our beneficiaries to ensure that the most appropriate solution for that person’s need is met, whether through a telephone conversation, a residential stay at one of our centres or any of the many other support options available.

“Our aim is to help you get your life back on track and make a lasting, positive change,” says Sharon. “We know doing this is not always easy, especially when taking those first steps or even making the decision to take those first steps. We will take the time to understand what is going on in your world and how we can support you to recover your life.”