To mark our 75th anniversary, we’re asking you to take on your own 75 miles challenge to help support members of the fire services community in need. The distance is set, but how you get there is completely up to you. This is a weekly series of posts about a 75Miler of the week: This is #My75Miles.

Cal Reed, 32, a lifeboat mechanic in Aberdeen, is taking part in the #My75Miles challenge as a thank you for the support his family received after the loss of his mum.

Cal’s 75 Miles Page

“Inspired by the nature of my work as a full-time lifeboat crew member with the RNLI, I’m “Rowing” 75 nautical miles (over 86 regular miles) on a rowing machine over the course of the year.

“So far, I have only completed my first couple of miles, however I’m overwhelmed that I’ve already beaten my £750 target, before even rowing a stroke.”


Cal’s second mile completed

“I am taking part to show my continued gratitude for the support my family received from the Fire Fighters Charity following the death of my mother in 2002.

“I have always supported the Charity as my dad served as a retained firefighter for over 13 years. Unfortunately, the loss of my mum forced him to quit the service as he was now a single parent and could no longer answer his pager. The Charity (or Fire Service National Benevolent Fund as it was at the time) sent my dad and brother to Marine Court in Littlehampton to help with the grieving process and to unwind. I will be forever grateful to the Charity for looking after my family when we needed it most.”

Cal and the guys from White Watch, Central Station, Aberdeen

“In addition to this, I now often work closely with the fire service in my role as a full-time lifeboat crew member and would like to see my fire fighter friends looked after in the same way should they ever need it.

“I think the Fire Fighters Charity is a great organisation, looking after those that look after us, providing help and support at the times they are needed most.”

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