Want to get involved with our first ever virtual Spirit of Fire Awards but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Well fear not, we’re here to share all the options you have for joining in, however you feel most comfortable.

Our awards celebrate the incredible support shown to our Charity by individuals and teams from across the UK’s fire services community. Their superhuman efforts deserve recognition, so Spirit of Fire gives us all an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of those who make it possible for us to provide mental, physical and social support to thousands of members of the the fire family each year.

YouTube Premiere

We’re broadcasting the event as live using YouTube Premiere, starting at 7pm sharp on Wednesday 4 November. If you click on the link before that, you’ll see a countdown clock ticking away to the big moment where the show starts, and we finally find out who our lucky winners are.

Watch via this link

If you’re watching from your computer, smart phone or tablet, the easiest and most straight forward way to join us is to let us do the hard work for you. All you have to do is click the link above and wait for the countdown to end.

Find us on YouTube

For those of you who plan on watching via your Smart TVs, all you have to do is search ‘The Fire Fighters Charity’ on YouTube and it’ll be the video at the top of our channel, called Spirit of Fire 2020.

Comment live

Watch and chat live with other viewers as our video is shown for the very first time, using the Live Chat function on YouTube. But we must ask you to be polite to each other, guard your privacy and abide by YouTube’s Community Guidelines. You’ll need to be logged into YouTube to comment live on that feed (although you can watch it without being logged in) but we’ll be on social media throughout the evening so you can comment on any of our posts throughout the show.

Need subtitles?

We want Spirit of Fire to be fully accessible, so you’ve got the option to turn on subtitles if you’d like to do so. To turn them on, simply click the little cog icon on the video and then toggle subtitles to be on.

Join us on social media: #WithYouInSpirit

We’re going to be all over our social media channels during the broadcast and we encourage you to join us, tagging us in your photos, videos and comments and using the hashtag #WithYouInSpirit. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Meet our nominees

Want to familiarise yourself with our shortlisted nominees ahead of the awards? Don’t forget you can read all about them via our Spirit of Fire pages, where you can hear the incredible lengths each and every one of them goes to in order to show their support to The Fire Fighters Charity.

Show your support

We can’t do what we do without our supporters. Every year our amazing supporters, donors and fundraisers come together to raise the £10m we need to operate our services in support of the entire UK fire services community.

This year, however, the coronavirus pandemic has brought our traditional fundraising to a halt, with the cancellation or postponement of countless events and challenges. Furthermore, the Charity does not meet the criteria outlined by Government in regards to grant support.

If you can afford to donate to the Charity, we’d really appreciate it. And so would the people who rely on us.

We’ll see you at 7pm on Wednesday 4 November for our first ever virtual Spirit of Fire Awards