We’re very pleased to share our Strategic Plan 2020-2025 with you, setting out how we will work together to deliver innovative health and wellbeing solutions to the whole UK fire services community.

Our 2025 Plan details the ambitions we have for the next five years, as well as how we plan to build on the success of our 2017-20 Strategic Plan in order to achieve them.

“I’m delighted to introduce our Strategic Plan for the coming five-year period,” says Chief Executive Dr Jill Tolfrey. “It is, I believe, an exciting plan that will take the Charity in innovative new directions, while also building on what we currently do well, in order to ultimately make a life changing difference to markedly more deserving people across the UK’s fire services community.”

Our vision

We will be known as the UK fire service community’s go to provider of mental, physical and social health support.

Recognised for our caring, professional and proactive approaches, we will deliver proven interventions through innovative means.

Blending face-to-face expertise with digital services, we will help the entire community to live healthier, deliver personalised support to thousands and reach every corner of the UK.

The next five years

At the heart of this plan is a desire to expand the reach of the Charity and to show our beneficiaries that the support we offer goes beyond our three centres and into local communities and homes. We believe The Fire Fighters Charity should be a charity for every member of the fire services community, regardless of where you live or the circumstances in which you find yourself.

The support we offer should be accessible to you all, so this plan sets out how we will remove barriers that may previously have held you back from reaching out to us for support, in order to provide services that you and every member of our community can easily access.

Through investment in innovative new digital technologies; the development of community-based initiatives; the dissemination of health and wellbeing content and resources; close partnership working with fire and rescue services and organisations which complement our work; and major campaigns to raise awareness of who we are, what we do and how we can help, we are confident that we can transform our Charity into the nationwide provider of health and wellbeing support to the fire services community.

In other words, by 2025, we will be the first organisation that you, your fire and rescue service and everyone else across the fire service community will think of and turn to when you need health and wellbeing support.

Four core areas

To achieve these ambitions, we will divide the challenging work ahead of us into four areas:

We will update you regularly on progress across each of these areas over the months and years ahead and publicise all the many ways you can get involved and support us along the way.

You can find more detailed information on our Strategic Plan, as well as watch videos that explain it a little more, in our About Us pages.

Download our Strategic Plan PDF to find out more