Collecting donations, sponsorship and Gift Aid declarations from others

If you are collecting donations or sponsorship – say, from members of the public at a event – you can use the form on the link below and ask them to Gift Aid their donations.

gift aid form for donations and sponsorship

However, please be sure to follow these simple rules:

RULE 1: Donor’s handwriting:

Make sure the form is filled out by the individual in their own handwriting. This is used to evidence that the claim is authorised by the person donating.

RULE 2: Title and name details:

The donor must include their title – Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Sir etc, initial of first name (ideally full first names) and surname.

RULE 3: Home address:

The donor must include a minimum of their house number AND postcode. Preferably their full home address.

RULE 4: Are they tax payers? The Gift Aid box MUST be ticked:

Don’t forget to ask the donor to tick the Gift Aid box otherwise we will not be able to claim! Make sure the donor ticks the box to state whether they are a UK taxpayer and wish to Gift Aid, or whether they are not a UK taxpayer. If this section is not completed, we will not be able to claim.

RULE 5: Donation or sponsorship information:

The amount and date of donation or sponsorship must be clearly stated on the Gift Aid form.

For more information on Gift Aid

Please visit HMRC or Please email Fundraising