Sponsorship and Gift Aid Forms

You can download our sponsorship form, and a number of Gift Aid forms, by clicking below

The Fire Fighters Charity sponsorship form

gift_aid_logo-blackGift Aid

For every pound of sponsorship you raise from your donors, the Charity can claim an additional 25p from the Government on their donations, at no cost to the donor. However, to ensure that we can claim this money you need to follow simple rules. Click below to read more

All you need to know about Gift Aid

Adventure Challenge Sponsorship Gift Aid

If you’re taking on an adventure challenge and collecting sponsorship and Gift Aid declarations using a printed form you’ll need to include the following information in order for us to claim the Gift Aid:

  • The full names (including titles) and addresses of all active participants. This might just be you but if you’re doing this as part of a team
  • What was the total of any fees or costs to take part
  • A gift aid declaration from the person making each donation.

Online Sponsorship

The Charity is registered with Just Giving for the collection of online event sponsorship. You can set up a free, customised fundraising web page at either site which friends, family and colleagues can visit to sponsor you securely online using their debit or credit card.


Whether you are participating in one of our organised events, or a fundraising activity of your own, simply use this JustGiving link, which will take you directly to our section of the JustGiving site. Simply select ‘Make your page’ from the left-hand menu and it will automatically add all the information about our Charity, saving you lots of time!

Start fundraising with JustGiving

Fundraising Page Tips

Personalise your fundraising page: Tell people what you are doing, why you are doing it, and why you are supporting The Fire Fighters Charity.

Add photographs: Show people what you’ve been up to by adding photos to your fundraising page.

Update your page: To keep your page fresh, update it on a regular basis with details about what you are doing and your progress. For example, if you are training for a run or a trek, update your page with details of your training.

Advertise your page: Make sure you tell people about it so they can sponsor you. Send friends, family and colleagues an email telling them what you are doing and include a link to your fundraising site (just copy and paste the URL of your fundraising page into the email). If you are on Facebook, advertise your page via your status update and remember to include a link to your fundraising page.